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Why “A Prayer for Mad Sweeney” is American Gods Best Episode Yet

At it’s core, the series is a reminder of why “roadtrip” stories are so well-loved; after all, life is a journey, not a destination. And the characters we meet along the way are often the most charming aspects of the show. Throughout the series, viewers are often treated to a taste of “Coming to America” cutaways, short asides depicting how different gods and myths from all walks and cultures made their way to the New World.


Making a Case for Shows Like “Sense8”

I'll admit from the start, I'm a new fan of the Netflix series Sense8. In fact, I didn't start watching the show until mid-May this year, just after the release of Season 2 but once I found the series, I couldn't turn it off and had devoured all 23 episodes within a matter of days. So hearing the news that Netflix wouldn't be renewing the series for a third season was devastating.


The Season-by-Season Decline of Sex in “Game of Thrones” (spoilers ahead)

Since 2011, Thrones has captivated audiences with brutal violence, ferocious dragons and an ample amount of nudity. However, following the premier, the amount of sex and nudity in the series has declined unmistakably. By the finale of Season 7, viewers can expect to be able to count these moments on a single hand.