Midnight Texas, A Solid Start

When I first saw the previews for Midnight, Texas, I knew immediately that I would have to give it a try. I mix of supernatural creatures and small town secrets drizzled in the imminent threat of a great evil seemed like a perfect recipe for entertainment. And last week’s premier did not disappoint.

Midnight, Texas is based on a series of books by the same name, written by Charlaine Harris. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because she is also the author of The Southern Vampire Mysteries, betted known The Sookie Stackhouse Novels, which the HBO series True Blood was based on. Like its predecessor, Midnight doesn’t hesitate to dive straight into the supernatural world promised by the trailers.

Most of this mystery stems from the show’s predominantly otherworldly cast. Viewers are brought, to Midnight through the show’s main character, Manfred Bernardo, a psychic whose talents blur the lines between theatrics and true power. And that line is blurred quickly when Manfred loses control of a violent spirit and skips town for Midnight before the opening credits even roll.

Within his first day in town, Manfred manages to encounter every breed of creature the town could offer: pacifist witch, a wise old vampire, a pious weretiger preacher, a watchful angel, and several humans who may have more secrets than their supernatural neighbors. The small town of Midnight has its own mysteries too, stemming from the thinness of the veil that separates the world of the living from the dead. This especially seem to have a profound effect on Manfred and his powers which will surely impact the continuing mystery.

And the show doesn’t seem to lack in mystery. Even as the residents of Midnight praise their ability to be openly “different” everyone in town seems to have a skeleton or two in their closet. Or a corpse in the river which just happens to turn up the day after Manfred arrives in town bringing in a flock of police along with a gang of neo-Nazis. Upon Manfred’s arrival in Midnight, everything that can go wrong in town seems to.

As of now, only the two episodes have aired but a mountain of plots are already being laid out. Who killed the girl and why? What is everyone in Midnight hiding? And how did neo-Nazis get involved in this? All these plots may be the biggest obstacle for the show starting out as it’s a lot to wrap one’s head around.

But if you can keep track of the growing pile of loose ended mysteries, the show is worth watching, especially if you were a fan of True Blood, Buffy, or Supernatural. And Midnight also puts a nice twist on classic concepts like energy leeching vampires and brings a touch of horrific whimsy with the inclusion of the weretiger, a creature I definitely didn’t expect to meet in a quiet town Texas. 


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