Friday Five

Friday 5: Hopes and Predictions for the “American Gods” Season Finale

With only 8 episodes, the first season of American Gods seems to have come and gone all too quickly. So far, it’s been an amazing, if baffling, adventure that I’m already eagerly anticipating the next leg of. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet for the final episode you can check it out here. But for now, these are my top five hopes and predictions for the end of the season.

A New “Coming to America” Story


From the trailer, I can only speculate we’ll be meeting a new god, or goddess, this episode. Given the Egyptian detailing throughout this shot, I’m guessing we’ll be meeting Bastet, or Bast in the novel, though I could be wrong. Bast is usually represented as a much more feline figure, which seems little apparent in this shot, but her role and representation has changed throughout history so it’s hard to be sure which version of Bast we would see. It could be an altogether different Egyptian deity afterall. 

Kristin Chenoweth as Easter


I’ve eagerly awaited the appearance of Easter as soon as it was announced that Kristin Chenoweth would be playing her. I’ve been a huge fan of her work on stage and behind the camera for years. And in my opinion, they couldn’t have cast anyone finer to play the part.

If you want to get an early taste, STARZ has released a couple of previews for the finale, including this one of Easter and Wednesday (and a fair number of Jesuses).

Media Making an Appearance as Judy Garland


Gillian Anderson has been nothing short of brilliant in her representation of Media, no matter if her costume has been that of Monroe or Bowie. So I’m anticipating nothing short of phenomenal this week when she’ll be making an appearance as Judy Garland. Check out the sneak peak here. I’m not really sure what she’s alluding to in the clip but Chenoweth’s reactions are priceless.

Return of Mr. World


We’ve seen very little of the omniscient Mr. World but I imagine he’ll be making an appearance at the meeting at the House on the Rock, given the already noted presence of Media and the Children. Whether or not he was invited will be another thing altogether and I can only guess as to what kind of chaos he plans to stir.  From the shot pictured above, it looks like he’s standing in front of a cloudy sky, similar to the one Easter seems to “cast away” in the trailer. 

A Little Song and Dance


I could think of no worse utilization of an actor than casting Kristen Chenoweth and not have her sing. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this one but would love to see Mr. World and the Children interrupt her musical moment with their own song and dance.

What will happen next is anyone’s guess and this finale will likely leave viewers with more questions than answers as we prepare for the long wait up to Season 2.


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